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Rechtsanwalt | Avocat à la Cour | Notar

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Recht für Markt und Wettbewerb

What we can achieve together:

What we can achieve together: Useful expert advice is the result of a dialogue. Who wants to convince, listens. Who listens, understands. Who understands, can find solutions together. I will stand by your side as a partner, at eye level, attentive, down to earth, reliable, and with natural self-confidence. I only accept instructions for which I have the necessary legal expertise and which I can handle in the time given. Should I know a legal expert better suited to your needs than what I can offer, I shall be pleased to make an introduction.

Business partner. Competitor. Opponent:

Success can only be reaped by those who integrate the views of all involved in their considerations. Then there is a chance to reconcile interests and dissolve differences. In certain cases, litigation is preferable. Only rarely is the outcome of legal proceedings a surprise. The decision to go to court or to arbitration I will consider and prepare together with you. I have strong litigation skills and take pleasure in legal disputes, while remaining fact-oriented and realistic.

What I can bring to your concern:

Pragmatism and a commitment to the highest professional standards. Dedication and straightforwardness. Experience and inquisitiveness. I am passionate about what I do. Competition motivates me. I want your expectations to be high and your questions to be challenging. As reflected in my career and achievements to date.

Portrait Dr. Christoph Herrmann

Dr. Christoph Herrmann

Rechtsanwalt | Avocat à la Cour | Notar

Following the guiding principle “Recht für Markt und Wettbewerb” (The Law – for Your Business and Competitive Advantage), I offer bespoke legal advice and assistance focused on entrepreneurial strategies in competitive situations.

The legal framework of competition and market access derives from the interplay of different legal disciplines. My approach thus requires sound know-how in multiple fields of legal expertise and a mastery of the interfaces among them. In this respect I benefit from having acquired and successively practised, with alternating emphasis, yet consistently at a high level, in the different areas of law central to market access and competitive strategies. My focus has primarily been on antitrust law and EU State aid law. I have successfully litigated in the field of unfair competition law and trademark violation cases. Public commercial law, infrastructure regulation and in-house procurement has accompanied me for years. Also, I have regularly been consulted on the structuring of business relationships between companies, in particular on distribution agreements and co-operations, which often have an antitrust component. Last but not least, I have gained sound litigation experience in proceedings before the civil and administrative courts in Germany in these fields.

Businesses of all sizes and industries must assess legal challenges and opportunities with regard to their entrepreneurial strategy on the market. To date, I have advised international corporations, the public sector, financial institutions, private equity investors, the luxury goods industry, medium-sized mechanical engineering companies, IT service providers and start-ups.
Cooperation with other lawyers has been and continues to be essential for my own professional and entrepreneurial strategy. Many of the projects I handle require cooperation with lawyers from other disciplines or from other jurisdictions. Most of the time I cooperate with advisers who I know and value from previous law firms – and when I cannot offer legal advice myself, I can frequently recommend, for a wide variety of business law issues, a suitable colleague in Germany or abroad.

„J’ai eu le plaisir de travailler aux côtés de Christoph dans un cabinet d’avocats d’affaires international. Christoph est un avocat brillant, d’un grand professionnalisme et hautement rigoureux dans son analyse. Ses qualités humaines et sa disponibilité font qu’il est très agréable de travailler avec lui.”

General Counsel, pharmaceutical company,

Dr. Herrmann berät uns regelmäßig bei der Gestaltung, Verhandlung und Durchführung von B2B-Verträgen mit inländischen und ausländischen Kunden im Anlagenbau. Ich nehme Dr. Herrmann als überaus fachkompetent und engagiert wahr. Er findet auch in verfahrenen Situationen stets eine gute Lösung. Dr. Herrmann ist menschlich zugewandt und kommuniziert mit allen Gesprächspartnern auf Augenhöhe, sagt einem aber auch ehrlich, wenn man mit seiner Meinung schief liegt. Er ist stets ansprechbar, auch wenn es mal eilig ist. Wir lassen uns sehr gerne von ihm beraten."

CEO of a Medium-Sized Company with International Operations,
Bremen, Germany

„Ich habe Dr. Herrmann als einen sehr versierten und fachkundigen Anwalt erlebt. Er hat sich in komplexe Themen eingearbeitet und dabei durch wichtige Hinweise und Fragen die Aufklärung für den Mandanten unterstützt. Die Sachverhalte konnte er verständlich, sachlich und wenn nötig pointiert beschreiben. Seine fachlich und rechtlich überzeugende Argumentation war der Schlüssel für den Erfolg in mehreren Gerichtverfahren, in denen für meinen Arbeitgeber hohe unberechtigte Forderungen zurückgewiesen wurden und andererseits in noch laufenden Verfahren begründete Forderungen gegenüber Dritten mit guten Erfolgsaussichten durchgesetzt werden können.“

former Officer of a Public Sector Company in Public Transport,

„We have worked with Dr. Herrmann on a quite critical case relating to a purchase agreement between a German and a foreign company and we are really satisfied with his legal advice, which led us to avoid many problems thanks to his experience in the field. We will surely continue working with him and recommend his law firm to anyone else looking for an experienced and meticulous lawyer who can make the difference.“

Operations Manager of an Italian Supplier of Marketing and Promotional Materials

„Christoph Herrmann spielt als Berater, als Experte für Kartellrecht ebenso wie für Beihilfenrecht in einer eigenen Liga. Extrem erfahren, international vernetzt, vielsprachig – und für jede Komplexität zu haben. Wir arbeiten schon lange Jahre mit ihm zusammen und wollen ihn nicht missen: fachlich genauso wie menschlich ist er unsere erste Wahl.“

Founding Partner of a Boutique Law Firm Specializing in Public Commercial Law,
Frankfurt a.M., Germany

„Dr. Christoph Herrmann ist ein exzellenter Berater für sämtliche Belange des Kartellrechts. Er versteht es, komplexe Fragestellungen präzise und lösungsorientiert auf den Punkt zu bringen. Hierbei kommen ihm seine langjährige Erfahrung und seine internationalen Kenntnisse zu Gute! Er ist fester Bestandteil unseres Beratungsteams bei M&A Transaktionen.“

Partner of a Boutique Law Firm Specializing in M&A,
Frankfurt a.M., Germany

“I had the opportunity to work with Christoph on several cross-borders deals (including France and Germany) and really appreciated his professionalism, availability and responsiveness. I highly recommend his firm!”

Partner of a Paris Law Firm Focusing on Private Equity, M&A and Acquisition Finance,

“I have known Christoph for the last ten years, and I have had the pleasure to work directly with him in one of our previous law firms. Christoph is a brilliant lawyer and probably one of the I best I have ever worked with, grasping both the strategic substance and the technical detail with exemplary excellence. I strongly recommend Christoph and his legal services.”

Senior Lawyer with 20 Years of Experience at Top Level International Law Firms, Ranked for International Trade Law in Europe

„Dr. Christoph Herrmann and I worked together for a few years in the Paris office of a large international law firm. I remember him as someone fluent in German, French and English, with a superb analytical mind and the capacity to not stop at theory, but come up with practical and pragmatic solutions.“

Managing Partner of the Paris Office of a US Law Firm

Dr. Christoph Herrmann, LL.M. (Cambridge)

Rechtsanwalt | Avocat à la Cour | Notar

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