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Legalese may be complex in any language, but do you understand the following?

“If one of the aforementioned final heirs or substitute final heirs asserts claims to a compulsory portion or a compulsory supplement portion upon the death of the first deceased in a manner justifying default, this heir shall be disinherited for the final inheritance. Furthermore, each of the above-appointed descendants, with the exception of those who have claimed the compulsory portion, and with the exception of the descendants of the aforementioned, shall in this case receive a pecuniary legacy from the estate of the first deceased in the amount of the value of his or her legal share of the inheritance after the first deceased, assuming the latter had not died until the death of the longest surviving heir, calculated from the estate of the first deceased still existing at the time of the death of the longest surviving heir. These legacies shall accrue immediately, shall be deferred by us until the death of the longest survivor and shall only be due to the beneficiaries still living at the time of the final inheritance.”

(penalty clause according to Jastrow – suggested wording (translated) in current seminar documents used for training of notaries in Germany)

Whoever signs a notarial deed generally makes a declaration of great economic or personal significance. Whether you want to make a living will, buy or sell real property, organise your financial matters or, as an entrepreneur, put far-reaching strategic decisions into legal form: You very rightly have the expectation that you understand what you sign.

Of course, you can trust a notary to know his or her business. However, it is important to me that you understand how your decision is translated into legal terms. I seek to use clear and understandable language that avoids specialist jargon wherever possible. I am happy to meet in person and explain details prior to the notarisation appointment. At the time of the notarisation appointment itself, explanations and advice often come too late for the parties involved to reconsider choices made or adapt their decision. As a civil law notary established in Germany, I provide notarial services in the following areas: Real estate transactions Corporate transactions (establishment of legal entities, transfer of shares, conversions, mergers and divisions, capital increases, modifications of the articles of association) Testaments and donations Advance healthcare directives Precautionary powers of attorney Certifications of signatures From the first contact to the closing of the file, we may communicate in English. If required, I shall draft the notarial deed in English. If the notarial deed shall be in German language only and your command of German is insufficient to follow the authentification, you have to rely on the assistance of an interpreter during authentification. In this case, you also have the right to ask for a written translation of the draft notarial deed.

I draft, notarize and communicate in German, English and French language.

Notarial services are by appointment only. Notarisations outside normal business hours, in particular on Saturdays and weekdays after 7 p.m., are available upon request.

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