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The range of my services covers in particular the following aspects:

  • Drafting and negotiation of B2B agreements
  • Antitrust-related issues of distribution agreements
  • Planning and implementation of selective distribution schemes
  • Licencing agreements
  • Early termination of long-term contractual business relationship
  • Cross-border B2B agreements
  • Litigation

I assist clients with the drafting, negotiation, implementation and termination of distribution agreements and other B2B agreements with their customers, suppliers and co-operation partners, including litigation relating to the performance or the termination of such agreements. My services also cover the planning of complex distribution schemes and commercial strategies compliant with antitrust rules, the latter in particular with regard to e-commerce. When structuring a distribution scheme, attention must of course be paid to standard contractual issues, but also to requirements of antitrust, unfair competition and IP law as well as product-related regulatory standards and sector-related business practices. In addition, the approach to the negotiation of the contractual terms of an agreement is strongly dependent on the respective negotiation power of the parties involved.

I have acquired in-depth experience in the contractual implementation of selective distribution schemes, as shaped by antitrust requirements. I have advised inter alia clients from the luxury goods industry, suppliers to the retail sector (food and non-food), the chemical industry and the manufacturing industry.