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Legal affairs relating to market strategy and competition have a cross-border dimension as soon as one party is another present outside its domestic market. Thus, mergers may need to be cleared by several national antitrust authorities. IP rights must be secured and enforced across borders. Contracts are negotiated with foreign business partners. Internationally operating companies are affected by State aid and public intervention intended to protect local businesses. Unfair competition, especially on the internet, may have an impact in multiple jurisdictions.

While cross-border aspects increase the legal complexity, they can also open up additional options, the use of which may help to achieve set goals.

International and foreign clients account for an important share of my legal work. I frequently and gladly work with clients and advisors from other jurisdiction and, due to my international educational background and professional experience, I am well acquainted with dealing with cultural differences. Thanks to having practised and lived in Paris for many years, I am particularly familiar with French clients, their expectations and their way of doing business.